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Pastoral Care and Support Teams

While Pastoral Care is the responsibility of all staff, the direction of Pastoral Care is overseen by the Pastoral Care team. The Pastoral Care team is led by the Assistant Principal, Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement and comprises the six House Coordinators, two Clinical Psychologists and our Wellbeing Coordinator. When necessary, the Learning Support Coordinator, the Careers Coordinator, the Ministry Coordinator and others join the team. The team meets fortnightly to discuss overall pastoral programs, specific student programs and student needs. A number of support personnel are also involved in supporting the needs of students.  For instance, our Care Group Teachers assigned to each House are vital members of the Pastoral Care Program.


Pastoral Care Team


Assistant Principal – Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement – Mrs Carmel Wright


House Coordinators - Leaders of Wellbeing & Engagement

Perry House – Mrs Kerrie Sellers (Acting for Kieran Kelly, on Leave)

Fahey House – Mrs Mandy Willis

Deane House – Mrs Clare Rowe (Acting for Leon Davis, on Leave)

Murray House – Mrs Helen Davies

Chisholm House – Ms Jordan Fardell (Acting for Term 1)

Polding House – Mr Jonathan Reynolds

Clinical Psychologists – Mrs Maryanne Paisley & Mrs Julie Hicks

Wellbeing Coordinator – Mrs Stephanie Strachan

Learning Support Coordinator – Mrs Susan Price

Careers Coordinator – Mrs Belinda Wallace