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Student Leadership

Student leadership at St Pius X High School aims to empower students to have a discernible impact upon their learning environment. With its focus on servant leadership and putting the needs of others first, our student leadership model is designed to encourage students to realize their potential as empathetic leaders and disciples of Jesus. The most recent iteration of our student leadership model seeks to broaden the scope of leadership in the school and encourages greater student participation and voice.

Leadership opportunities at St Pius X High School offer students an opportunity to build their social and emotional capacity by means of leading new initiatives, advocacy, promotion, education and action.  While not all students will be formally recognized in leadership roles, we aim to instill in all students a strong sense of social justice through servant leadership and service for others.

The details of the St Pius X High School Student Leadership structure are provided in the document under the Related Documents heading on the right hand side of this page.