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Immersion Trips

Students are encouraged to expand their horizons and pursue cultural experiences by embarking on immersion opportunities. St Pius X supports the immersion of students in di­fferent cultures where they can elect or be selected to attend an overseas immersion trip to South East Asia, Europe or a religious and Indigenous immersion to Australia’s Aboriginal communities.

Prior to COVID-19, St Pius X operated a cultural exchange program with our sister school in Japan, Uminohoshi High School in Hamamatsu. This provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Japan. St Pius X was also developing a language immersion program to Italy.  This is very much up in the air now for obvious reasons.

Again prior to the pandemic, each year, Year 10 students had the opportunity to participate in a three-week immersion experience to Vietnam, Borneo or Northern Thailand, where they conducted project work for the Catholic Church as part of the World Challenge Organisation. This opportunity allowed students to experience life and culture in a foreign country and to perform meaningful community work that made a di­fference in people’s lives.  Once things get back somewhere toward normal, we will investigate how we might reinvigorate and recommence our Immersion Program.