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Parental Involvement

The challenge of secondary schooling today is an exciting one and requires a truly cooperative relationship between parents, students and staff. Good communication, honesty, trust and mutual respect are essential qualities of that relationship. We look forward with confidence and excitement to working with you in the years ahead.

How can parents help? By being a constant, gentle presence and asking your child (children) how they are going, what they are doing, getting them organised and getting them to try their best. Have they read the marking criteria for that task? Have they answered it all? Is the three-line answer to that homework question sufficient? Perhaps ten would be better? You need to show that all-important interest in what they are doing. They will tell you that they do not need you there, that is teenager talk. They need you there from Year 7 to 12, perhaps even more than they needed you in primary school.

Volunteer work here at the school is another great way of being involved, so that you feel you are a part of this school community. Can you help with canteen, sport, dances, curriculum, excursions, or other aspects of life here at St Pius?

For reasons of Child Protection, in order to become a volunteer, you need to read the information regarding volunteers available on the Child Protection page of the school website and follow the directions provided there.

Information on volunteering is also available on the CSO website.


The canteen is an essential service the school provides for students. It also contributes greatly to school funds. However, the canteen can only operate with the assistance of parents. If you would like to help (even for an hour) please contact the school on (02) 4957 1032. Volunteers are always desperately needed and greatly appreciated.


School dances are an important part of the culture of the school and raise much needed funds for the school. They are held at the school usually once per term. Students love the opportunity to attend our school dances. These dances are only possible, however, with the assistance of parents. Parents are needed to staff the bag room, the canteen and to help with security outside the dance hall. Teachers supervise inside the dance hall and security guards are also hired to assist with security both inside and outside the dance hall. Your child will no doubt tell you they do not want you to be at the dance. If all parents listen to that sort of talk, the dances cannot occur. We need parental assistance. You can assure your child that you will not be present inside the dance hall.