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Complaints Resolution

Inspired by the message and example of Jesus Christ, Catholic schools live out a distinctive educational vision. Supported by the Catholic community of which they are a vital part, they invite students and their families into a faith-filled educational experience. As a key ministry of parishes and the diocese, Catholic schools encourage and support parents in their responsibility for the faith formation of their children. This formation is supported by prayer and opportunities to participate in the life, mission and liturgy of the broader Catholic community.

Our Diocese has a process in place to address complaints and grievances. For the details, please click on the following link, which will take you through to the Complaints Resolution and Feedback page of the Catholic Schools Office website.  Note the relevant documents under the heading Related Documents.

The schools of the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese are committed to living out the values of the Gospel. In the spirit of justice, peace, love and reconciliation, we aim to:

  • Develop a positive and collaborative partnership between home and school
  • Welcome and value diversity of opinion
  • Understand the needs of students and families
  • Have clear and open communication within the community
  • Appropriately respond to and resolve issues that arise in schools in the best interests of all.

With the above in mind, the school asks that parents and carers follow the Diocesan policy and procedures for complaints resolution.  Please remember that using social media channels to voice complaints and grievances is not the appropriate method.

“The constant aim of the school should be contact and dialogue with the pupils’ families, which should also be encouraged through the promotion of parents’ associations”. – The Catholic School on the threshold of the Third Millennium