Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

At St Pius X, our focus is on 21st century learning. 

Digital technology is an excellent tool to assist students with their learning and is extremely useful for supporting students as they develop skills in creativity, innovation, team work, collaboration, problem-solving, communication and information and ICT literacy.

All students at St Pius X are required to bring a suitable tablet device to school each day. Students are responsible for charging the device overnight and for having it in good working order for lessons each day. Students are responsible for the care and safety of their devices. The school takes no responsibility for loss or damage of these devices.

Damaged or faulty devices must be repaired as quickly as possible. The school does not keep spare tablets for loan to students without a device.

What to buy?

  • A tablet or laptop device
  • Please purchase devices using the Windows operating system. Our network is set up for Windows and we cannot guarantee access for other operating systems
  • We recommend touch screens that you can write on
  • We recommend the purchase of an active stylus for writing on the screen
  • A device with at least a 10-inch screen is preferred
  • Some type of cover or protective wallet is also recommended
  • If possible, an extended warranty and accidental damage insurance is a useful addition.


Where to buy?

Parents/Carers are free to purchase devices from any vendor they choose. The school has no special arrangements with any stores, although we do offer a purchase portal through HP.


BYOD Portal Link:

Login code for parents: StPiusxhs

All Windows devices include 3 Years Onsite Warranty support at school with the option to purchase Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) Insurance with $0 excess fee.