A Catholic charism and name to guide us – have your say Image

A Catholic charism and name to guide us – have your say

Published on 15/02/2023

St Pius X High School, Adamstown will be transitioning to a Year 7 – 12 school with the addition of Year 11 students in 2025 and the full complement of students in 2026. 

During the consultation process regarding the secondary changes, feedback from the St Pius X staff and family communities noted the absence of a strong Catholic charism for St Pius X. 

One of the key recommendations from the transitioning to Years 7 to 12 work is, “In the absence of a unique charism, it is recommended that St Pius X discern the potential of a new charism and cultural identity.” 

With the addition of Year 11 and 12, comes the opportunity to review and renew the school’s name. We now want to explore name options to enhance the spiritual formation of students and embrace a new spiritual charism and educational identity for the school. 

It is anticipated the name of St Pius X Adamstown will formally change at the start of 2025, in alignment with the new era of Year 7 – 12 students, when Year 11 students commence. 

We respect the history of St Pius X Adamstown and will continue to acknowledge this. A new school name seeks to ensure we best support students and their educational outcomes now, and as we look to the future. 

The decision for a new school name sits with the Trustees of the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle and we welcome your participation. 

We welcome feedback about the new name. 




Two options are currently proposed: 

Lumen Christi Catholic College • Assisi Catholic College 

More information about these names along with the opportunity to provide feedback is available in the online form here.  


We also invite additional suitable name nominations, each of the criteria outlined below: 

  1. Be clearly Catholic.
  2. Have a story capable of helping to animate the culture of the school in all its aspects.
  3. Have the power to engage and inspire modern secondary school students in all aspects of their formation, education and growth.
  4. Distinctive and identifiable, easy to pronounce and non-offensive.

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