Surf and Turf - a Newcastle Musical Image

Surf and Turf - a Newcastle Musical

Published on 01/09/2023

EXCITING NEWS! Tickets are now on sale for our SPX 2023 production: "Surf and Turf - a Newcastle Musical".

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Our talented writer's group has come up with an original script which is set in Merewether, Newcastle. This fictional story tells of the somewhat friendly rivalry between local skaters and surfers. 
They have their issues and along the way share some feisty fight scenes, humour and potential friendships...can they sort it all out in the end?

This production has it all - our talented stage and concert bands will provide the energy of live music to accompany our amazing singers to bring you catchy songs and professionally choreographed energetic dance numbers. Meanwhile, you will be treated to a talented Drama performance enhanced with colourful costuming, professional sound and lighting, incredible set design and live skate action supported by an exciting multimodal element. Come along with friends and family and celebrate our talented Performing Arts here at SPX!