Library & Information Literacy

"The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library." Albert Einstein

The St Pius X Library supports student learning in three main areas:


  • Literacy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Learning to Learn


#1 Literacy -    READ, READ, READ!!


Statistically, highly literate people are better educated, more employable, healthier, have higher incomes and a greater sense of well-being. Why wouldn’t you want to be a good reader?

Through the Oliver catalogue, we have a huge selection of fiction and non-fiction books suitable for our students and staff. Our librarians are all avid readers and can offer recommendations to even the most reluctant of readers. We have something for everyone!

In addition to our physical items, we also offer 24/hour access to our ACEN collection in Overdrive. Here students can access thousands of eBooks, Read-a-longs, and audiobooks.

We have regular book promotions at the SPX Library and encourage all students to take part in the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge each year.

Students wishing to improve their reading are very well supported.


# 2 Critical Thinking - Information Literacy


In today’s information - knowledge economy it is vital that students think critically about information and where it is coming from. Our focus on information literacy allows classroom teachers to work closely with the Teacher Librarian to encourage transferable skills and thought processes that nurture critical thinking skills so that students become discerning users of information.

From the Oliver homepage, students can use the LearnPath Guides to help them with study skills, bibliographies, evaluating the credibility of websites and determining media bias.


#3 Learning to Learn


We encourage students to:

  • Develop their research skills - searching, note-taking, referencing
  • Assess, challenge and reformulate information
  • Acknowledge the intellectual & artistic work of others & avoid plagiarism
  • Become confident users of a range of electronic and digital technologies.
  • Understand and reflect on the ongoing impact of these technologies on society. 



Joining Newcastle Libraries

We strongly encourage students to join their local library. Through the Newcastle Libraries eLibrary portal, students have access to eMagazines, eAudiobooks, and importantly, research databases. These databases are particularly important, especially in Years 9 & 10.   

Studiosity – a free online study support service is also available through Newcastle Libraries. You'll have access to online tutors who are there to help with homework, assignments, studying and so much more.


You can join in person in your local library or request a membership card via an online form.


What else is happening in the Library?


  • Homework and study help
  • Research - Search the catalogue/ renew your loans
  • Recreational Reading
  • Blazer Hire
  • Seminar room
  • Printing (10 cents b&w, 50 cents colour)
  • Book hire
  • Games 
  • Passwords changes
  • Book clubs
  • Desktop computers
  • The library is a cool place to hang out (yes we are air-conditioned!) 


Opening Hours

Before school, recess, lunch and after school 

8.30am -3.30pm (early close Friday 12.14pm for sport) 


     Ms Robinson, Mrs Strachan and Ms Wallace