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World Challenge Information

St Pius X High School has an eight year partnership with World Challenge. Our annual expedition to South East Asia has included destinations such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo.

The expedition stretches students beyond their comfort zones so that they must adapt to new environments, solve complex problems, grow in environmental awareness and broaden their global perspective. It develops key life skills such as leadership, teamwork, budgeting, self-awareness and compassion. The expeditions are student-owned and led, but strategically prepared with a thorough pre-expedition program.

Students, parents, teachers and expedition leaders can access and share information through the online portal, My World Challenge.

Once students arrive at their destination, the expeditions have four phases:

  • Acclimatisation to the new surroundings with practical tasks and short introductory treks
  • Trekking in jungle terrain
  • Project work that engages the local community
  • Rest, relaxation and cultural activities.

Local World Challenge staff, employed as in-country agents, collaborate to develop long-term community-led solutions to local issues. Five main global action areas are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Globally responsible opportunities are mutually beneficial to both the students and the communities who host them. Students have a real-life experience of service learning and Catholic values in action.