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Payment Of Fees

Prior to the commencement of a student's enrolment it is essential that the Enrolment Fee be paid. If any difficulties are experienced with the payment of fees it is important for you to make a confidential appointment with the Principal to make appropriate arrangements.

The Catholic Schools Office provides a special fee concession for parents/carers with a Health Care Card or Pension Card. A discount is available on the Diocesan Tuition Fee component of your school fee account. To access this discount, complete the HCC Concession Form and return it to the School Finance Office. This will save you the time and effort of coming in to see the Principal. If you require more assistance than just the Tuition Fee discount available for Health Care and Pension Card holders, you will need to come in for an interview with the Principal. Note that in any case, any discount on fees lasts for the current year only. If you require a concession for the following year you must re-apply.

Fee payments can be made via cash, cheque, BPAY, money order, credit card (over the phone), and EFTPOS. Direct debit from your bank, credit union or building society account is also available. Please contact the Finance Officer for this method of payment.

A range of alternative payment plans are available. These include dividing the fees over 10 equal payments from February to November. Please contact the Finance Officer for further details.

Please be aware that if your direct debit is dishonoured more than three times the school will cancel the deduction.  For any dishonoured direct debit, the school is charged a fee of $2.50 by your financial institution. This fee will be passed on to the fee payer and will appear on the next statement. No receipts are issued – please check your bank account for proof of payment.

Please contact Reception on (02) 4957 1032 if you have any questions.