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School Fees

Fee Overview

Catholic schools are typically seen as great value for money, providing high-quality education supported by quality facilities and learning environments. It is the policy of the Catholic Schools Office that financial hardship should not prevent any child from attending a Catholic school and no child will be denied a Catholic education because of a family’s genuine inability to pay the required school fees. Any family experiencing financial difficulties is entitled to fee assistance; the school Principal will be able to discuss this with you.

Together with parents, clergy and school staff, St Pius X is committed to offering the children in the Newcastle-Maitland region access to schools in which their faith can be nurtured in outstanding learning environments. We seek to assist young people to realize their full potential, taking into account their unique spiritual, intellectual, physical and social needs.

The greater part of diocesan schools’  funding comes from Commonwealth and State government grants, but the commitment and continuing financial contribution of parents is essential to fill the gap between the funds provided by government and the actual cost of running our schools. School fees are comprised of three components – Diocesan tuition fees, individual school resource and service fees and Diocesan Family School Building Levy (DFSBL).

A description and an explanation of these fees follows.  The document titled "Fees Schedule 2024" under Related Documents in the right hand side column of this page provides a concise summary of the monetary values of each of the fees charged.

Diocesan Tuition Fees

Diocesan Tuition Fees are reviewed annually by the Catholic Schools Council, the Federation of Parents & Friends Association and the Diocesan Finance Council for recommendation to the Bishop, or at present the Diocesan Administrator. The Tuition Fees for 2023, approved by the the Diocesan Administrator, are presented in the table below. St Pius X High School bills tuition fees annually.  Payment can be made using BPay, Direct Debit, Cheque, Cash or Credit Card.  Fee payments must commence by 31 March 2024 unless you intend to pay in full in one lump sum, in which case fees must be paid by 30 June 2024.  If making regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, fees must be finalized by 30 November 2024.

Number of children in Catholic Schools

Year 7 to 10 fees per child per year

Year 7 to 10 fees per child per term

(over 4 terms)














These Tuition Fees do not cover the cost of materials used in practical subjects nor do they cover text books, other curriculum costs or sport travel and venue payments.

The Diocesan Family School Building Levy (DFSBL) for 2024 is $1638.00 per family.

Enrolment Fee 

All Diocesan schools charge an Enrolment Fee.  The size of this fee may vary between schools depending on the cost to the school of the enrolment process. St Pius X charges an Enrolment Fee (non-refundable) which is payable upon enrolment and secures the student's place at the school. The Enrolment Fee is $150.00 per student.  The enrolment fee is the same for all three inner-city Newcastle Catholic Secondary Schools.

Note that the Enrolment Fee is a separate, discrete fee not associated with tuition fees, or any other fee.  It is not, for instance, a down-payment or advanced-payment on tuition fees.

Resource Fee

This fee is an aggregated amount that covers costs associated with three areas of school operation: (i) provision of the curriculum; (ii) provision of information technology services and (iii) provision of Friday afternoon sport & recreation and other sporting events during the year.

The 2024 Resource Fee for Years 7 and 8 is $1,200.00 per student per year.  The 2024 Resource Fee for Years 9 & 10 is $1,100.00 per student per year.

Years 7 & 8 Resource Fee is necessarily a different amount to the Years 9 & 10 Resource Fee due to the different specific items covered in each fee.

Curriculum Costs Covered by Resource Fee

The curriculum component of the Resource Fee covers the following items:

  • purchase of new textbooks, including e-books
  • repair of existing texts
  • purchase and supply of consumables e.g. photocopying, library resources, P.E and sport equipment, faculty/course equipment maintenance and replacement, trophies/awards for presentations, ID card, Click View video/DVD computerized lesson delivery system,  and upgrading and refurbishing of classrooms
  • software platform costs (eg Stile, Mathspace, MathsOnline, Word Flyers)
  • regular subject incursion costs

Information Technology Services Costs Covered by Resource Fee

Information Technology is an essential part of the Teaching and Learning Curriculum in modern schools. This technology includes computers, wireless points, smart TVs, electronic whiteboards, data projectors, printers (including 3D printers), laser cutters, live-streaming equipment and video conferencing equipment, all of which needs to be upgraded at regular intervals. The costs involved with this information technology and its maintenance and upgrading are considerable. St Pius X High School has the services of two specialist IT Technicians who are responsible for the management, maintenance and renewal of our extensive computer network and its associated infrastructure. The school pays a levy to the CSO for its membership of the Catholic Education Network (CEnet) that facilitates the provision of high speed (1000 mbps) broadband to the school. The school also pays for several other shared ICT services and Microsoft licensing fees for all in-school computers.


Other Costs

The annual school fee account covers most of the expenses for each school year. There will sometimes be other costs that will be billed or requested separate to the annual fee accounts. For example, excursions, supplementary workbooks, Year 7 Camp, reflection days, Year 10 Retreat, academic competitions (e.g. Maths & Science Olympiads) and some representative sporting competitions. Every cost is associated with providing your children with the high-quality learning experiences you expect from your school.

For methods available for the payment of fees, please click on the Payment of Fees icon at the right hand side of this page.