Year 7 Parent Enrolment Information

1.   Welcome and Information Evening

2.   Year 7 2024 Orientation Day

3.   Parent Information Sheet

4.   Fees and Levies (to follow at a later date)

5.   Standard Collection Notice

6.   Compulsory School Attendance

7.   Year 7 Requirements

8.   Tablet Recommendations (instructions to install Office 365)

9.   Device Requirements  (Additional Information on the Bring Your Own Device Page)

10. Compass Logging into the Compass Parent Portal for the First Time

11. Compass Parent login (to follow at a later date)

12. Shoe Policy

13. School Uniforms - School Expectations & Responsibilities

14. School Uniform Procedures

15. Uniform Shop Details

16. Uniform Shop Price List Order

17. Canteen

18. Opal Card Information

19. Travel to and from School  (Additional Information on Getting to School Page)

20. Dispute Resolution

21. Qkr! information

22. Year 7 Vaccination


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