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St. Pius X High School

Excellent Student Work


Excellent Website Produced in Answer to Assessment Task

Avena Munro has produced the following excellent website in response to an Assessment Task in Elective History.  Take a look - this is brilliant!  Well done, Avena.



Original Compositions by Students of St Pius


The following five compositions are all original compositions by students of St Pius.


A Pile of Papers.mp3A Pile of Papers.mp3 - Jasmine Blanch (vocal, guitar), Casey Provost (guitar)


Broken Parts.mp3Broken Parts.mp3 -  Nicholas Hamilton (vocal, piano)


Looking.mp3Looking.mp3 - (instrumental)- Alexander Melville (guitar), Reede Palmer (guitar),

                             Connor Coulter (drums), Patrick Smart (piano)


Love Sick.mp3Love Sick.mp3 - Tovah Agresti (vocal, guitar)


Wrong Direction.mp3Wrong Direction.mp3 - Tovah Agresti (vocal, drums), Chelsea Scully (guitar),

                                           Lucy Fagan(vocal)



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