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St. Pius X High School

Sister School

In 1989 a sister school arrangement was formed in Japan with the help of Sr Marie Craddock, the Curriculum Adviser of the CEO at the time. The association was made with Uminohoshi Girls High School in Hamamatsu in the Shizuoka prefecture.

The first trip to Japan took place in 1990 and, since then, every second year, students of St Pius X have the opportunity to take part in this cultural exchange program. The students are hosted by families from the school, attend classes, take part in sporting programs as well as visit some of the sights of Japan. Every alternate year we reciprocate the visit by taking the students from Uminohoshi into our school and homes.
Uminohoshi is a private girls’ catholic senior school. It is run by the Spinola Sisters - a Spanish order of nuns. 


The exchange program with Uminohoshi High School in Hamamatsu, Japan provides a wonderful opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Japan. It has great potential to benefit our students both academically and socially.
                              Japan A.jpg
                                                                   Above: Enjoying an English lesson
                              Japan B.jpg
                                                                   Above: A lesson in how to wear a kimono
                              Japan C.jpg
                                                                       Above: A kendo demonstration


                              Japan D.jpg

                                                                             Above: Trying vegemite