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St. Pius X High School


St Pius provides the following teaching space facilities: 30 general purpose classrooms,  6 science laboratories, a Learning Support Centre and classroom, 4 computer laboratories, 4 wood/metal/drawing workshops, 2 food technology kitchens, a well-equipped Library with computer and audio-visual facilities, a well-equipped gym, 1 VET Hospitality kitchen and associated Cafe, 3 art rooms, an art/digital photography computer lab, a textiles room, a marine science centre, 2 music rooms, a recording studio, 1 drama room, a VET Hairdressing salon, a Theatrette and a 577 seat Theatre.
The St Pius X Hall was able to hold the entire school population (in cramped conditions) up until April 2011 when the school lost this facility in order to refurbish the Factory Wing.  Sr Marie Hall also acted as a good meeting place for many years until its untimely demise at the hands of arsonists on June 30 2012.
Staff are provided for with a Staff Study and separate Staff Common Room.  Excellent photocopying and printing facilities are available to Staff.  The Administration building contains the Main Administration Office, the Student Services Office, Student Coordinator Offices, School Counsellor’s Office and School Executive Offices.
The school grounds are extensive and allow the huge student population sufficient room to spread out at Recess and Lunchtimes.  A large, covered Bus Shelter allows students to wait for their buses out of the weather each afternoon.  Sport is very well catered for with basketball courts, cricket nets and playing fields available on campus.
The Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution program has enabled the school to purchase and deploy 502 extra computers (246 of these are Year 10 1:1 laptop computers) and make substantial improvements to computer network infrastructure, including the installation of a school-wide commercial grade wireless network.  The school internet connection has been upgraded to a fast fibre optic broadband connection direct to the school site.  Ongoing DER funding will enable all Year 10 students to receive laptops each year for their use 24/7 as 1:1 laptops until at least 2013.
A Master Plan for the upgrading of school facilities was developed during 2010.  This Master Plan consisted of three stages.  During 2011 we completed Stage 3 of the Master Plan - the redevelopment of the existing Bus Shelter COLA as a PDHPE/Sports area.  This area can also be used as a whole-school assembly area and is used for this purpose for school assemblies as well as during emergency evacuations.
In 2011 we saw the commencement of work on Stage 1 of the Master Plan.  The main focus of this stage was the refurbishment of the Factory Wing of the school.  This was funded by a Catholic Block Grant and provided state-of-the-art teaching facilities and a new 577 seat Theatre in that building.  This work was completed at the end of June 2012.  The Administration Block and Canteen were also refurbished as part of this stage.
Towards the end of Stage 1, the school's electricity supply was upgraded.  This was a long-overdue upgrade that doubled our electricity supply.  A power meter was also installed on our supply.  This meter connects wirelessly with our school network and provides read-outs of power usage every 15 minutes.
Also in 2011, a solar power system was provided for the school, courtesy of the National Solar School Program grant. This system is monitored by a computer system that allows us to use the data on energy and carbon dioxide savings in class.  The power we generate is used by the school as it is produced.  Spare power (for instance over the holidays) is fed back to the state grid and the school is paid for this.
Stage 2 of the Master Plan was completed at the end of the Christmas holidays in January 2015.  Stage 2 has provided Pius with some fantastic new facilities: three GPLA classrooms, two Science Labs (included in the total count of 6 above), a Marine Science Lab, a Science Resource Centre and Staff Room, two Woodwork Workshops,  a Metalwork Workshop, a Drawing Room, two toilet blocks, some major work on drainage on Levels 1 & 2 and some beautification of buildings and balconies.
During 2014, the replacement for Sr Marie Hall was constructed using insurance money from CCI.  We now have a beautiful new structure called the Sr Marie Centre, which will be used as a Chapel and meeting place for the school community.
In 2015, the Catholic Schools Office (mainly, over $500k) and the school ($17.5k) funded the much needed widening and upgrading of the back entrance road off Park Avenue and the road across the top oval, the creation of a turning circle at the school end of the road across the top oval, the creation of a properly sealed and kerbed car park on the top oval and the re-surfacing of the road running down the eastern side of the Factory Wing.
In 2015 we aim to submit an application for funding to the Catholic Block Grant Authority (CBGA) for the much needed Stage 3 of our Master Plan.  This final major stage of re-development will see the very old and tired Library and Staff area refurbished, the overcrowded Learning Centre for Special Needs students upgraded and the unused, old House of Hospitality end of the Factory Wing revitalised and used as part of the school.
As you can see much is happening in the way of provision of 21st century learning facilities here at St Pius.